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Maya Gods-Hunab-Ku, Kukulcan, Kinich-Ahau's, Quetzalcoatl, Ixchel, Can-Tzimal, Hozanek, Chaac, Cimi, Bolon Tzacab, Chac, Yum Kaax, Yum Cimil, and Bulac Chabtan are some of the major Gods of the Maya.

 This diagram gives an illustration of the Maya Gods.
This is not all of them, however, these are some of their
most revered ones. To gave me a visual understanding of
 how the Edgar Cayce Readings connect to the Yucatan I made this diagram. Then
I sent this diagram to Tom Greenwood who is one of the most knowledgeable
authorities on the Maya to insure accuracy. In the Yucatan there are sometimes multiple names for the same Gods. Im using the names more commonly used by the Maya and ones verified by Tom Greenwood in Belize.

In the Edgar Cayce Readings, Reading 5750-9 states that:
(Then, with the leavings of the civilization in Atlantis (in Poseidia, more specific),
Iltar-with a group of followers that had been of the household of Atlan
 the followers of the worship of the ONE with some ten individuals- left this land Poseidia, and came westward, entering what would now be a portion
Yucatan. And there began, with the activities of the peoples there, the development into a civilization that rose much in the same matter as that which had been in the Atlantean land. 


 Iltar has a connection with the readings with Atlantis and the Maya of the Yucatan.

Several years ago I asked Tom Greenwood if there was any stories about Iltar in the Maya legends. It turned out that there was quite a story. Below is the story as Tom Greenwood e-mailed to me.


T. Greenwood wrote:


Well, the legends say that after he was named Quetzalcoatl, his descendants all became revered as sacred seers by the Meso-Americans - and those would be the Olmec, Toltec, and the later day Misteca or Aztec. The Maya knew him as Kukulkan, the feathered serpent God.


The legends say one of his descendants was betrayed by a cruel Maya prince, so he gathered his people and left his adopted land, returning east across the great Atlan Sea, in search of his brethren who had sailed east ("between the great pillars, to the great inland sea") as he and his small band of followers sailed west upon the demise of Atlantis.


However, Iltar/Quetzalcoatl swore that he would return to his adopted land in the year "One Reed" (1519 A.D.). When the Spanish invader Hernan Cortez, accompanied by the destroyer/murderer Bishop Diego de Landa, hit the shores of the Yucatan in April 1519 (deliberately, to fulfill the prophecy of ONE REED - told to them by a Maya and an Aztec

woman who had accompanied them across the Atlantic - prisoners from an earlier invasion),

the people saw "A GOD WITH SILVER SKIN, SIX LEGS, AND TWO HEADS) looking as far as they knew, like the return of Quetzalcoatl, according to the ancient legends, and the fact that it was the year ONE REED. First time the natives of the new world ever saw a man in silver-like armour, and on a horse. They ran for their very lives to report to Great Moctezuma, God of the Aztecs, that the ancient legend was fulfilled. BIG MISTAKE.


We all know of the subsequent wars between the invading Spaniards and the Aztecs and Maya, the demise of the indigenous peoples, the murderous and destructive rampage of Diego de Landa, who also destroyed most of the sacred scrolls of the people.


It is proposed that Moctezuma/Montezuma was actually killed by his own people, to allow his son, Coatemoc, to assume the Aztec throne and so lead his people to victory over the Spaniards. But the Spaniards were one step ahead - they shipped Coatemoc to Guatemala, far away from his people and beloved land, and garotted him to death there. The Aztecs were left without a leader/God, and therefore refused to fight anymore and risk not ascending to the heavenly heart if killed without the benefit of their "portal to heaven" - their God King.


Meanwhile, Diego de Landa was shipped off to Spain as a lunatic in chains. He soon repented, and asked the lords of Spain to send him back to the Yucatan to make up for his terrible deeds. From his definitive works titled "COSAS RELATIVOS DE LOS MAYA DEL YUCATAN" we learn a great deal about the past history and peoples of the area. Was Diego de Landa's return a repeat of the ancient legend? The second coming of Quetzalcoatl?


Was Iltar truly an Atlantean chief?


As a Yucatec Maya, with the blood of both the English and Spaniards flowing alongside my Maya blood, I feel we are inxorably tied to the fate of those Mid-Atlantic giants who fell victims to their own great civilization and its advances. Are we repeating the same mistakes. Of course we are.


The bones of both Iltar and the great Olmec, Toltec, Maya and Aztec shamans must be turning over in their desecrated tombs, their souls on fire, as they see the same fate befalling the new and old occupants of Middle America, and indeed, the entire world.


So it was in the beginning of time, so will it be at the end of time.


Climb on the great plumed celestial bird's neck, follow the vision serpent, all through Xibalba Beh, trick the dark lords, as did Hunaphu and Xbalanque, twin sons of the world mother, and rise to the center of creation, the great Milky Way, wherein dwells the Dark Monster, bathed in the blood of thousands of hero-sacrificial sons and daughters of Meso America, and become one with the universe, before you can fully comprehend the depths and heights of our world scheme of things.


We are Maya. Children of the Rainforest. Sons and daughters of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars. Our souls constantly visit and re-visit our sacred stone mountains of Copan, Tikal, Naranjo, Kalakmul, Caracol, Xunantunich, Altun Ha, Lamanayin, Lubantuun, Nimli Punit, Nohmul, Chchen Itza, and great Palenque, land of Lord Pacal Wotan and Chan Baluum.


Our names are legend - Jaguar Paw, 18 Rabbit, Snake Jaguar, Shield Jaguar, and all the other Gods of Meso-America.


Tom Greenwood

Nachan Kanul

 This helps show that the Maya carried on the tradition of the Atlanteans. They developed into the most advanced people that modern man has had an opportunity to study and learn from..

Daniel Bierman